Largest Hotel Chains in the World by Number of Properties, 2024

The CEOWORLD magazine team conducted a thorough analysis of hotel data to identify the largest hotel chains in the world based on the number of properties they have. To determine the biggest hotel brands, the team used the total number of properties for each hotel company. 
Largest Hotel Chains in the World by Number of Properties, 2024

Based on this information, the team compiled a list of the world’s largest hotel chains by the number of properties. You can explore the research findings to see which hotel groups are the biggest hotel chains in the world by the number of properties they offer.

Which Hotel Chain Has the Most Properties in the World?

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, a global hotel chain, is the leading company in the hospitality industry by the number of properties. As of 2023, the company had over nine thousand units in its worldwide portfolio, making it a major player in the global hotel industry. Its closest rivals were Marriott International and Choice Hotels International, which reported 8,353 and 7,467 properties, respectively.

The hotel industry is highly competitive and shows growth due to an increasing number of global travelers. The number of properties a hotel company owns can change frequently, as companies build, acquire, or sell properties. For example, in 2023, La Quinta Holdings, a subsidiary of Wyndham, added 918 hotels to its property portfolio.

Marriott International is currently the hotel company with the highest number of guestrooms, with approximately 1.53 million guestrooms globally as of 2023. This is nearly 400,000 more guestrooms than its closest competitor, Hilton, which had 1.14 million guestrooms worldwide. Other notable competitors on the list include IHG Hotels and Resorts and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

Largest Hotel Chains in the World by Number of Properties

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