In a statement, the chief executive officer of Virgin Hotels, James Bermingham, said the new partnership will help some 25 million to 35 million parents to one or more children with autism travel more.

"It is so important to us to provide a safe and accessible space that allows all individuals the freedom to travel with ease and partnering with Autism Doubled-Checked was an essential step for Virgin Hotels to make a significant difference and impact for neurodiverse travelers," he said.

"With the in-depth training and resources they've provided our team members, we can now confidently offer neurodiverse travelers the tools they need to create invaluable memories."

Four Virgin Hotels -- in Nashville, New York, Dallas and Chicago -- have been Autism Double-Checked-certified. Virgin Hotels in New Orleans and Edinburgh are set to be certified in 2024.

Autism Double-Checked helps with features in a hotel to make a stay better for neurodiverse travelers by creating sensory-friendly areas and quiet spaces.

Virgin Hotels also is working with with Hidden Disabilities to allow teammates and guests to wear a sunflower lanyard that "indicates that they have a non-visible disability and may need more time, assistance or care."

In addition, Virgin Hotels launched Hotels with Heart, an initiative that offers reduced rates for practice stays at all Virgin Hotels with Autism Double-Checked certifications.

Virgin isn't the only resort or hospitality brand to accommodate neurodiverse travelers.

Beaches resorts have been autism certified for years and resorts like Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas have built sensory breaks into several of the resort's attractions.

Karisma Hotels and Resorts in Mexico staff is autism-certified and highly trained, offering a "autism concierge" who can assist with detailed planning and special requests.

Cruise lines also have moved toward providing more options and accommodations for neurodiverse customers. Royal Caribbean launched Autism on the Seas, which provides a team of volunteers and staff to offer expedited boarding, a private muster drill, priority dinner seating and private activities with fewer crowds.

By Dana Forsythe