Jim Petrus, whose career in hospitality spans award-winning global brands and independent properties, and management of diverse asset portfolios, has launched a new consultancy offering services informed by his four decades of hands-on leadership and relentless drive for optimal results. Petrus Hospitality Advisors will serve as a resource for developers, investors, owner/operators and family offices to assist with asset management, development efforts, experiential concepting and operational excellence.

Real-life experience in all aspects of hotel management gives Petrus a critical understanding of the operational rigor that is needed to deliver both award-winning customer experiences and exceptional economic returns for ownership groups. From running boutique lifestyle properties and large-scale mixed-use developments, to successfully reinvigorating a legacy luxury brand, launching and growing a new luxury brand, Petrus brings unique insights that align the needs and objectives of developers, owners and operators.

“My breadth of experience has allowed me to serve a variety of hotels, brands and owner-operators, which enables me to think not only as an operator and a marketer, but also, and most importantly, as an owner,” said Jim Petrus, President, Petrus Hospitality Advisors. “Having been in the trenches and faced with real-life hospitality experiences, I am very sensitive to the minute nuances that are associated with defining the appropriate balance for owners’ and operators’ success. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves, put my know-how to work and assist clients with their efforts, whether it’s raising the performance of their asset, creating a new development, transforming their guest experiences or launching their next big idea.”

Petrus Hospitality Advisors’ Core Services include:

  • Asset Management and Financial Performance Maximization

  • Development Services, including Concepting, Experiential Programing, Underwriting and Pro Forma

  • Food and Beverage Positioning and Concepting

  • Standard Development and Training Guidance

  • Organizational Structure and Staffing Deployment

Based on client needs, Petrus has hand-selected industry leaders in specific disciplines of sales and marketing, revenue management, development, finance and property operations to assist with deep dives into areas of need.Prior to launching the consultancy, Petrus held senior-level and C-Suite roles with both independent and global brands such as St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, W and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. His leadership has guided properties to achieve highly coveted awards and recognition while amping up financial returns for developers, owners and operators. Throughout his career, he has been known to tackle difficult situations, make tough decisions and engage teams in a collaborative effort to achieve the desired results needed for peak performance. He is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business.