Over the past five years, Radisson Hotel Group has implemented a significant investment in its diverse team of Moment Makers across +95 countries as part of the Group’s strategic transformation plan. The objective of Radisson Academy is to create a highly productive learning environment that ensures team members across various levels are engaged and have the necessary skills & knowledge to excel in their roles and adapt to the evolving market demands. Radisson Academy thus offers highly impactful, continuous learning opportunities and customized training programs on business & personal development topics, accessible via Radisson Academy Online, Radisson Academy Live, Radisson Academy On the Job, Radisson Academy Virtual and Radisson Academy Certifications.

In 2023, more than 1.5 million hours of training and development were completed by team members via Radisson Academy across more than 2,500 online, live and virtual training programs covering diverse skills like service & business capabilities, leadership skills, hospitality fundamentals and functional expertise. In the past five years there has been a X27 increase in training completions and an average of 4.8 out of 5 rating of each training offered. As well as over 571K training completions at an average of 14.7 courses taken by each learner, resulting into an impressive skill enhancement.

“At Radisson Hotel Group, people remain our most important asset. We live by our cutural ethos of ‘We grow talent; talent grows us.’ Our growing Radisson Academy offering is a vital way to engage and support existing team members professionally and personally, attract new, dynamic team members, and ensure our team members have the necessary tools to build Clear, Broad and Fast careers. Since the launch of Radisson Academy in 2019, we have seen a X27 increase in training completions by team members. Our tailored programs and innovative learning approaches have not only enhanced individual performance but also significantly contributed to the collective success of our entire organization. As we look ahead, we will continue to grow our Radisson Academy offering to ensure we stay relevant and remain the employer of choice in the hospitality industry” says Iñigo Capell, Global Chief People and Resources Officer at Radisson Hotel Group.

In 2019, Radisson Hotel Group laid the groundwork for Radisson Academy with a refreshed focus on three main formats: Online, Live, and On the Job. The same year, Radisson Academy partnered with Typsy, the hospitality industry’s learning platform of choice, to introduce the Hospitality Fundamentals – a growing library of 1,500 bite-sized video lessons from industry experts that offer industry-wide recognized certificates. For Radisson Academy Online, the Group worked closely with business leaders and provided new dedicated trainings, ranging from leadership and people management skills to hotel operational skills, as well as functional capacity building in areas such as M&E, sales, and Revenue Management.

The following year, Radisson Hotel Group accelerated its learning offerings growth across these three channels and officially launched its fourth channel, Radisson Academy Virtual when the world shifted to distance learning and training due to the pandemic. During this period, Radisson Academy transformed to be an engagement tool within Radisson Hotel Group, engaging its team members by providing them development & connection opportunities by leading external & internal speakers. Since its launch in 2020, Radisson Academy Virtual conducted an impressive +200 sessions and continues to grow its offering, aligned with team members’ feedback and requests. Both Radisson Academy Live & Virtual have also proved to be a center for cultural cohesion. Bringing team members from diverse background & geographies together wherein shared values are lived, Radisson Academy has played a crucial role in strengthening the Group’s culture beliefs and enhancing employee engagement.

Subsequently, Radisson Academy launched Radisson Academy Certifications in 2023, its fifth training channel to help teams upskill functional and strategic capabilities to accelerate their careers. These micro-credentials are designed in partnership with experts and facilitated by Radisson Hotel Group’s Leadership and Executive teams. To date, more than 9,000 team members have completed certifications across eight different certification programs. Through management & leadership tracks, Radisson Academy has also prepared over 500 Supervisors & Head of Departments in their role transitions. Accelerate, a unique fast-track career development program was launched in 2022 and develops carefully nominated emerging leaders to take on the pivotal role of GM within the Group, ensuring a robust succession pipeline.

Looking ahead, Radisson Academy remains dedicated to advancing its training, upskilling and organizational development initiatives by expanding further the offer aligned to business needs. Radisson Academy strives to continue equipping team members with key skills to grow professionally, boost their potential through customized training programs from the very start, enable individualized development, and create a strong performance culture, all of which play a major role in facilitating career development at all levels across the company.

by Radisson Academy