Many individuals are concerned about their personal safety and the security of their belongings when staying in a hotel, whether it's in the UK or abroad.

To address these concerns, one woman has shared her unique hotel security tips in a video, although not everyone agrees with her methods.

The video, posted by @gunsnrosesgirl3 on X (formerly Twitter), has gone viral, amassing over 54 million views. In the clip, the woman begins by removing the toilet roll from its holder, captioning the video: 'Things I do at a hotel to stay safe'.

She then turns on a tap and seals down the toilet paper, presumably to detect if someone else has used the toilet. She also hangs the 'Do not disturb' sign on the door and bolts it for added security, even placing a beer bottle cap on the handle as an improvised alarm system.

Lastly, she rolls up a towel and places it at the bottom of the door to muffle any conversations inside the room and deter potential intruders.

The hotel guest then recommends lifting up the corners of the bedsheet and checking under them to make sure nothing is there, reports the Mirror.

Lastly, she places her valuables, such as her keys and wallet and jewellery, into a fresh nappy before rolling it up and putting it on a shelf in the room.

Many people claimed that the measures were a bit much, with one X user commenting: "Someone this paranoid shouldn't leave their own own." Meanwhile, another added a touch of sarcasm: "I do this and also sleep in my car to throw the potential intruder's off."

Another individual remarked: "Usually just put my bags down, turn on the tv and get ready for a shower. But, this works too, I guess."

While a different user focused on the bedsheet advice, saying: "The sheet thing....let me tell you, there's some things I'd rather not know and what a hotel mattress looks like is one of them."

The nappy trick for safeguarding valuables also didn't win favour with many, as they suggested it could lead to accidental disposal. One commenter noted: "Hopefully some nice cleaning lady isn't like 'I'll throw away that used diaper for these people.'" Echoing this sentiment, another said: "Keeping your valuables in a diaper seems like a good way to get them thrown away."

By Samantha Bartlett