HotelTechReport has long been a trusted resource for hoteliers seeking reliable information and reviews on a wide range of hotel software solutions. With this new milestone, the platform has solidified its position as the go-to source for hoteliers worldwide who are looking to make informed decisions about their technology investments.

“HTR is a great place for hoteliers like us to find up to date independent reviews, information and other resources about our very crowded hospitality solutions landscape. I personally always enjoy reading the editorial content, news and interviews,” says Accor CTO Floor Bleeker.

“HotelTech Report has been instrumental in providing an enriched perspective of the hotel technology market. It offers valuable insights, detailed reviews, and industry trends, all of which have broadened our understanding and shaped our strategy in this space,” says Thibault Catala, founder of Catala Consulting.

The surpassing of 50,000 reviews means that hoteliers now have access to an even broader pool of insights and experiences. Whether a property is looking for a new property management system (PMS), revenue management software, or guest engagement tools, HotelTechReport offers a wealth of detailed reviews to guide decision-making and personalize recommendations for hoteliers around the world based on factors like property size, feature requirements, region and more.

Jordan Hollander, CEO of HotelTechReport, commented, “We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone.

The Importance of Authentic Reviews

In the rapidly evolving hotel technology landscape, making the right software choices can have a profound impact on a property’s efficiency, guest satisfaction, and overall profitability. However, navigating the myriad options available can be daunting. This is where HotelTechReport’s authentic reviews come into play.

“HTR has been a breath of fresh air in this industry, making it a counterpart to TripAdvisor on the hotel tech side. No longer can vendors over-promise and under-deliver,” says Mews founder Richard Valtr.

“HTR is the leading hotel tech platform because of its multi-faceted and transparent approach. Thought leadership, product reviews, awards, news, announcements, and more. All under one roof. It’s simply the go-to platform for hotel tech,” VP of Strategic Initiatives at Canary Technologies.

Each review on HotelTechReport is submitted by verified users who have hands-on experience with the products they are evaluating. This ensures that the feedback is not only genuine but also highly relevant to other hoteliers. The platform’s stringent verification process eliminates fake reviews and community guidelines mitigate biases, providing an unparalleled level of trustworthiness.

Importance of Reading Reviews on

1. Unbiased, Comprehensive Reviews:

2. Easy Comparison

3. Community Insights:

4. Efficiency: Instead of navigating multiple vendor websites, users can conduct all their research in one place. acts as a one-stop shop where hoteliers can learn about different solutions, request proposals, and perform due diligence on vendors efficiently.

5. Trustworthiness: Reviews on are often more trustworthy because they come from industry peers who have no vested interest in promoting one solution over another. This transparency can be a significant advantage in making a well-rounded decision.

By leveraging a platform like, hoteliers can streamline their software selection process, save time, and gain access to a wealth of unbiased, community-driven insights, ultimately leading to more informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Why HotelTechReport is Essential for Selecting Hotel Software

Choosing hotel software is a critical decision, and using a platform like is essential for several reasons. Unlike vendor websites, trade shows, or sales pitches, HotelTechReport offers an unbiased, unfiltered environment where hoteliers can compare different solutions. Vendors will always highlight their positives, but it’s equally important to get the real scoop and see balanced opinions from actual users.

Every vendor claims to be the best or unique, but HotelTechReport allows users to see real-time feedback on various products in the market. This transparency adds immense value by saving time and money. Instead of visiting multiple vendor websites and talking to different sales reps, hoteliers can gather quotes and conduct research in one place. This consolidated process leads to better decisions, acting as a better fiduciary for hotel companies, and ultimately saving money by comparing quotes.

HotelTechReport also offers high-value content such as buyer’s guides, which help ramp up knowledge so that when hoteliers engage with salespeople, they are well-prepared. These guides cover essential topics like necessary integrations, smart buyer questions, and the latest market trends. This comprehensive approach ensures buyers make the most educated decisions possible.

Unparalleled Buying Tools Available on HotelTechReport

HotelTechReport offers a variety of tools designed to assist hoteliers in making informed decisions:

  1. Personalized Software Recommendations: By querying review data, HotelTechReport provides personalized software recommendations since no software is a one-size-fits-all solution. This ensures that hoteliers find the best fit for their unique needs.

  2. Dynamic shortlists: When browsing categories on, users can now personalize their entire site experience. What used to be static lists such as best property management system or best revenue management system now automatically personalize based on a user’s location so that, for example, a user in Berlin will see different results than a user in New York City. Users then have the ability to enter characteristics about their hotel such as room count, PMS and hotel type to further personalize all software lists.

  3. PMS Finder: This tool helps hoteliers find the best apps that integrate with their PMS and discover new ideas to grow their business with software. It simplifies the process of identifying compatible solutions.

  4. One-Click Price Quotes: HotelTechReport allows users to gather multiple price quotes instantly from one place. This feature ensures that hoteliers select the best software and deals, streamlining the purchasing process.

  5. Verified case studies: Verified case studies are crucial for buyers as they provide authentic, reliable insights into how products perform in real-world scenarios. This transparency builds trust, helping buyers make informed decisions based on proven outcomes and experiences from similar businesses. HotelTechReport’s verification process involves rigorous checks, including direct customer feedback, ensuring that each case study is credible and accurately represents the product’s impact on a given hotel business. This process differentiates verified achievements from unverified claims, ensuring buyers invest in high-quality, effective products.

  6. Free Buying Guides: These guides help buyers ramp up their knowledge ahead of sales calls, saving time and enabling better decision-making. They cover everything from key features to integration requirements, ensuring buyers are well-prepared.

HTScore™ Proprietary Industry Leading Ranking Methodology

HotelTechReport’s HTScore ranking methodology sets the industry gold standard for evaluating hotel software. The HTScore is a comprehensive algorithm that calculates scores across millions of proprietary and third-party data points in real-time. Key criteria include customer ratings and reviews, partner ecosystem strength, customer centricity, and company reach and resources.

The HTScore’s key drivers are:

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews: Includes ratings score, review volume, review quality, review recency, success stories, and customer advocates.

  • Partner Ecosystem: Evaluates partner recommendations and integrations.

  • Customer Centricity: Assesses customer support, review consistency, and profile completeness.

  • Reach & Staying Power: Considers geographic reach, company resources, and longevity.

This robust methodology ensures that hoteliers receive a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of each product, helping them make informed decisions based on reliable data. For more details on the HTScore ranking methodology, visit the HTScore Algorithm Explained.

A Community-Driven Success

This achievement would not have been possible without the active participation of the global hotelier community. Thousands of hoteliers have contributed their insights and experiences, helping their peers make more informed decisions. This sense of community and shared knowledge is at the heart of HotelTechReport’s success.

As HotelTechReport celebrates this milestone, the platform remains committed to further enhancing its offerings. Upcoming initiatives include the introduction of expanded educational resources and enhanced tools for comparison and analysis such as an AI tech research advisor based on artificial intelligence.

For hoteliers, the journey of selecting the right software continues to be a critical one. With HotelTechReport surpassing 50,000 authentic reviews, that journey is now more navigable and informed than ever before.