This state-of-the-art AI device bridges the gap between guests and hotel staff, providing real-time data insights that elevate customer service and optimize operations. With AVA making its Singapore debut, Orchard Hotel Singapore pioneers innovative guest experiences within Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

Orchard Hotel Singapore, a landmark of luxury and distinction since the late 1950s, reached a significant milestone in 1978 with its modern twin-tower design, housing 656 rooms. Its renowned clock tower and prime location on Orchard Road have cemented its status as a premier destination for travelers seeking unparalleled stays.

Guests at Orchard Hotel Singapore, a flagship of Millennium Hotels and Resorts, will now enjoy the convenience of AVA, their dedicated guide to the hotel’s amenities, services, and local attractions. In a bold move towards modernity, the hotel has replaced traditional telephone handsets, offering a seamless hands-free experience powered by AVA. This in-room assistant effortlessly responds to voice commands, enabling guests to connect with other rooms or the front desk with ease.

“Our commitment to innovation and exceptional guest experiences is unwavering,” said Jacqueline Ho, General Manager at Orchard Hotel Singapore. “The integration of AVA is a transformative step, combining state-of-the-art technology with personalized service to enhance guest convenience and comfort while reinforcing our leadership in the hospitality industry.”

“We’re not just introducing a voice assistant; we’re integrating AI seamlessly into the existing hotel technology ecosystem,” said Mr Vic Shen, CEO and Co-founder of Aiello. “Being the first in Singapore is just the beginning – our focus is on providing a holistic and technologically advanced guest experience that aligns with Orchard Hotel Singapore’s legacy of excellence.”