Designed to enhance the guest experience through a series of mobile-centric tools, the platform leverages an AI-driven large language model, allowing owners to cater to modern travelers and their evolving needs, according to the company.

“We always put our franchisees first, and investing in innovative technology like AI sets them apart from the competition,” said Scott Strickland, chief commercial officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. “With access to powerful solutions like Wyndham Connect, our franchisees can manage their businesses more efficiently and curate guest experiences to help make stays more meaningful than ever. The result? Happier guests, higher chances for repeat business and money in franchisees’ pockets.”

Last year, hotels across all Wyndham brands globally with Overall Social Review (OSR) scores above 4.0, on average, saw twice as much RevPAR growth compared to those with lower scores. Designed to increase profitability by leveraging technology to streamline owner operations, the rollout of Wyndham Connect helps owners keep guests more engaged than ever by personalizing their experience, the company reports.

Key benefits of Wyndham Connect include:

  • Messaging that matters: Allows staff to use AI-generated messaging to help respond to guests via text message with ease and speed before, during and after their stay.

  • Smart mobile check-in: Speeds up the check-in process for both guests and front desk agents, helping to verify guest information in advance and protect hotels from chargebacks.

  • Effortless upsell: From early check-in, late check-out and personalized upgrades, hotels can generate incremental revenue.

  • Smart mobile check-out: Provides a faster, contactless check-out experience for guests, while helping alert front desk agents and housekeeping staff when guestrooms are available.

  • Boosting online reviews: Encourages guests to complete surveys via text message following their stay, helping hotels improve the chances of receiving positive online reviews while addressing guest concerns more quickly.

  • Integrated mobile tipping: Allows guests to easily leave housekeeping tips, in an age when carrying cash is less common. The benefit? Based on all Wyndham hotels that have adopted the digital solution, the average tip is more than $10.

“I do business with Wyndham because they invest in my success,” said Ajit Patel, Wyndham franchisee. “With industry-leading property and revenue management services and access to technology like Wyndham Connect, I’m building relationships with my guests and its translating to hundreds of dollars a week that I’d otherwise miss out on.”

by Gregg Wallis