Three key components contribute to this identity; Mottos, Taglines, and Slogans. While they might sound interchangeable, each plays a distinct role in communicating the brand's essence.

MOTTOS - The 'heartbeat' of a brand

A motto is more than just a catchy phrase. It serves as a guiding principle for both the company and its employees, encapsulating the team's core values-principles-objectives. An effective way to make the heartbeat loud and clear.

Examples of powerful mottos used in hospitality include;

  • One-Team One-Way towards Greatness

  • Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

  • The Hearth of Hospitality

  • Ability, Motivation, Attitude

  • Hospitality from Caring People

  • Nothing is Impossible

  • People First

TAGLINES - The 'public face' of a brand

A tagline is a brand's public calling card. It's a concise, memorable phrase that captures the essence of the company's business and what sets it apart. Unlike mottos, taglines are primarily external, aiming to raise brand awareness and create a lasting impression on potential guests.

A strong tagline should be something guests remember after they've seen it.

Examples of memorable taglines used in hospitality;

  • Hospitality beyond expectations

  • Whatever the occasion

  • Where comfort meets convenience

  • Experience unforgettable moments

  • Discover, unwind, repeat

  • A symphony of luxury and comfort

  • Hospitality with heart and soul

  • We're more than just a hotel; we are your host

SLOGANS - The 'call to action"

Unlike taglines, which aim for long-term recognition, slogans are more campaign-specific. They are catchy phrases designed to grab attention, evoke emotions, and influence consumer behavior for a particular marketing initiative.

A strong slogan captures the brand's unique selling proposition and resonates with the target audience during a specific campaign.

Examples of slogans presently in action;

  • A sense of place

  • A sanctuary for the senses

  • A place like no others

  • A world of fans

  • Life is beautiful

  • The art of good living

  • Turning moments into memories

  • Luxury without compare

  • Perfection in every detail

  • The best value under the sun

  • We try harder

  • Check into another world

  • Live where life is

Some slogans also incorporate the brand, such as;

  • Meet me at the San Francis

  • Take me to the Hilton

  • Feel the Hyatt touch

  • Graciously Dusit

  • Find your Shangri-La

  • The Whyndam way

  • Relax, it is the Holiday Inn

  • Get away to it all at Gleneagles

Taglines and slogans are similar in that they contribute to brand identity. The goal is to create a concise, original, impactful slogan that works for you. Successful slogans are used for the long term, and there is no need to retire them if the audience is still connecting to them.

Crafting your brand story

Now that you understand the distinctions between these tools, it's time to create your own compelling brand story. Consider your target audience, brand personality, and what sets you apart. Don't be afraid to get creative!

And always remember that a strong brand identity goes behind phrases. True success lies in translating your Mottos, Taglines, and Slogans into tangible actions. Empower your team to embody your brand values, ensuring every guest interaction reflects your motto and tagline.

Develop engaging campaigns that leverage your slogans to resonate with your target audience. By weaving this brand story into the very fabric of your business, you'll foster employee pride, attract loyal guests, and ultimately, achieve the desired results.

Giovanni Angelini
A 50 year veteran of the Hotel-Hospitality-travel industry with a wealth of experience acquired in 4 Continents, Asia in particular.