Lighthouse expands in APAC, brings its insights to hoteliers in the region

The newly-rebranded Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) is keen to shine more light on data insights for hoteliers in Asia Pacific. Chief Revenue Officer, David Collier, during a recent visit to Singapore, shared that with the business experiencing significant global growth, Lighthouse is keen to expand its footprint in Asia Pacific, committing more “investment and thought” into the region.
Lighthouse expands in APAC, brings its insights to hoteliers in the region

“We have observed steady growth in the region. It is a complex market due to its diversity, and we need to be agile to cater to each market’s unique needs,” said Collier, who has been with Lighthouse for nearly six years following a 13-year tenure at Oracle.

“We are bullish on the region. We currently have offices in Sydney and Singapore, and will be opening in Kuala Lumpur. It won’t be just sales roles, but servicing as well,” he said. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, where it was founded in 2012, Collier said the US remains its biggest market with Europe, Middle East and Africa growing fast as well.

Lighthouse’s workforce of over 600 employees is strategically distributed, with engineers and HR functions in Belgium, commercial roles in Spain and Denver, as well as Sao Paulo, and a growing presence in Asia Pacific.

Christine Tan, who joined Lighthouse last November as VP of Sales, APAC, remarked, “The feedback from hoteliers about our products has been phenomenal. They tell me that every morning, the insights we provide help them make faster, more informed decisions.”

The rebrand to Lighthouse, announced last November, consolidates multiple products and acquired companies into a single, unified commercial platform. At the time, it said the shift marked “a significant milestone in the company’s continued evolution as a unified platform that fundamentally reimagines commercial strategy for the travel and hospitality industry.”

Lighthouse currently serves hoteliers across 185 countries. The company’s platform is built on data sets covering over 725,000 hotels and 19 million short-term rental properties globally, and is used by revenue and hospitality professionals, destination marketing organizations, asset managers, and short-term rental professionals.

The enhanced Lighthouse platform introduces new business intelligence capabilities, new short-term rental insights, and a new look and feel to enhance the user experience for commercial decision makers. Data from strategic acquisitions, including StarDekk, Transparent and Kriya RevGen, is now integrated into the Lighthouse platform.

Collier highlighted the ongoing transition in revenue management. “We are seeing more diversified job titles for example, a higher percentage of marketing and sales people, not just revenue managers. We are seeing silos breaking down, roles being consolidated into chief commercial officers, and not just a series of competencies.”

“There is a shift towards a more data-driven mindset and the adoption of new technologies. This is also being driven by the rise of AI. The human-machine evolution is happening, data evolution as well. Hoteliers can take advantage of all the data they are producing to make decisions more quickly. This saves time and makes them more efficient.”

Collier acknowledged the emerging state of AI. “While no one has fully mastered AI yet, we have numerous use cases demonstrating how to create user-friendly insights and deliver Smart Summaries with our BI product each morning that hoteliers can act on.”

Core Lighthouse products and capabilities include:

Rate Insight: Rate shopping and competitive price intelligence for both hotels and short-term rentals

Market Insight: Forward looking market demand monitoring to improve forecasting, room price setting, and marketing strategies

Benchmark Insight: Performance benchmarking with market, category, and competitor intelligence

Parity Insight: performance management tools to measure room price parity across a multitude of distribution channels

Business Intelligence (BI): BI solutions for single-property, multi-property and multi-brand portfolio revenue managers

Pricing Manager: AI powered room price recommendations with automated workflows

Distribution Insight: API monitoring and analytics to measure and optimize distribution performance

Destination Insight: supply and demand analytics for DMOs, hotels and short-term rentals

Hotel Data Solutions: tool sets to access the largest and most accurate hotel and short-term rental data set in the industry

by Yeoh Siew Hoon

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