In April 2024, the MICHELIN Guide debuts a brand new distinction: the MICHELIN Key. While the MICHELIN Star recognizes the most outstanding restaurants in the world, the MICHELIN Key does the same for outstanding hotels. Here’s everything you need to know about the new distinction.

1.) What are hotels doing in the MICHELIN Guide?

Way back in the 1920s, the MICHELIN Guide made its first hotel recommendations — and hotels have been included in guides in Europe and Asia ever since. But just four years ago, we began a comprehensive refresh of our hotel selection, with a mission to provide a complete travel experience to anyone who uses our Guide. Look through it, whether on our website or mobile app, and you will find a definitive (and ever-evolving) list of the most memorable restaurants and hotels throughout the world. All in one place. All accompanied by tips and analysis from our selection team.
Ready and available now — the new MICHELIN Guide selection recommends over 5,000 hotels across the world.

2.) Why are you creating the MICHELIN Key distinction?

After selecting thousands of hotels across the globe for the MICHELIN Guide, it is now our privilege to specially highlight the crème de la crème of our selection. All our hotels excel in design, architecture, service and personality — the MICHELIN Key denotes the absolute most outstanding experiences in our selection.

3.) Which hotels are eligible for a MICHELIN Key?

Every single MICHELIN Guide hotel is eligible. Over the last four years, our selection team of passionate, independent experts vetted, scrutinized, and ultimately determined more than 5,000 remarkable hotels for inclusion in our collection. Each has been selected for its remarkable quality. Out of these thousands of hotels, those offering the most outstanding stays will be awarded the special MICHELIN Key distinction.
Starting in 2024, MICHELIN Keys will be announced in batches by country. On Monday, April 8th, the MICHELIN Guide will begin with the announcement of the list of Keys in France.
A few of our next Key selections include: Italy, Spain, select locations in the United States (Atlanta, California, Chicago, Colorado, Florida, New York and Washington DC), and Japan.

4.) Is the MICHELIN Key the MICHELIN Star for restaurants?

Yes. The same way the MICHELIN Star recognizes restaurants for outstanding cooking, the MICHELIN Key recognizes hotels for outstanding stays.
Our selection team takes into account five universal criteria when awarding MICHELIN Stars, and they have five universal criteria when selecting hotels: excellence in architecture and interior design, quality and consistency of service, overall personality and character, value for the price, and a significant contribution to the neighborhood or setting.
Our Key hotels don’t just fulfill one of these criteria. These are the best of the best in all categories.

5.) Can a hotel earn more than one MICHELIN Key?

Just like a MICHELIN-rated restaurant, a MICHELIN-rated hotel can earn One, Two, or Three Keys.
One Key: a very special stay.
Two Keys: an exceptional stay.
Three Keys: an extraordinary stay.
Our One and Two Key distinctions denote some of the best places in our selection. And if you’re anywhere, anytime, and you can make it to a three Key hotel — do whatever you can to get there for a night. It’s one of the most outstanding experiences in the world.

6.) Are MICHELIN Key hotels the most expensive in your selection?

Not necessarily. Every hotel in the MICHELIN Guide hotel selection is eligible for a Key, and the selection currently features over 5,000 accommodations across the world, with options for every style and budget.
There are lively hotels and quiet hotels. Hotels in metropolises and hotels in the middle of nowhere. Hotels at the leading edge of modern design and hotels that celebrate the achievements of the past. There are castles, hostels, tents, and ryokans, places with two hundred rooms atop a city skyscraper, and with two rooms tucked inside an ancient watchtower.
All will be eligible to earn a MICHELIN Key.

7.) Do MICHELIN Key Hotels have MICHELIN Star restaurants?

Not necessarily. Our hotel selections and restaurant selections are distinct, and decisions on the Star and the Key are made independently of each other. However, it is possible for a MICHELIN Star restaurant to reside within a MICHELIN Key hotel.

8.) I heard I can book hotels on the MICHELIN Guide. Is that true?

Yes! If you like well-vetted curation, concierge-level care with every booking, and special offers, try booking directly with the MICHELIN Guide. Learn more here.