This massive resort with a waterpark, monorails and hotels could be coming to Scotland

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Scotland has a theme park deficit. In fact, there’s only really one, and it’s solely famous for almost killing some teenagers a few years ago. For too long, Scottish thrill-seekers have been forced past the border to get their kicks, but this could change soon.

Yorkshire theme park Flamingo Land has been trying to get their plans to build a new resort in Loch Lomond, called Lomond Banks, approved for the past eight years. Originally granted access to land near the loch in 2016, local pushback has meant that the Scottish expansion has been put on pause.

A water park and spa would make up the central attractions of Lomond Banks, but it would also feature a swimming pool, dozens of loch-view lodges and hotel rooms, on-site restaurants, and of course, a pub. The different areas of Lomond Banks would be linked up by a monorail, which is inarguably a pretty cool way to get around.

Opponents of the development believe it would be overly disruptive to nearby communities, but the project’s development director, Jim Paterson, said he believes it will, ‘bring considerable economic and social benefit to the region,’ and that the park has, ‘pledged to not only be a good neighbour, a responsible employer and green operator.’