Synagogue hotel plans presented for location near Las Vegas Strip

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A project is in the works near the Las Vegas Strip set to cater to Jewish travelers. Clark County officials have received plans for the King David Hotel, a towering 46-floor structure located between I-15 and Treasure Island hotel casino.

Currently, the location is the site of the Villa de Flores apartments.

This plan would include over 400 rooms, a synagogue, kosher dining options, and bars.

RABBI LEVI: "If there were to be a location to open up and to solely be able to provide that, it is an underserved population it is something there is a major need for and you would see a lot of success, happiness, and growth around that."

We asked him what concerns he may have as a member of the community for this location, if it all does go according to plan.

RABBI LEVI: "There would have to be proper planning that needs to take place because that is a target. Places of worship regardless of religion always will be a target for people that hate you or despise you."

On Wednesday, the Clark County Planning Commission made the decision to postpone the hotel's proposal plan until June 2024.