Surprising Stolen Items from Hotel Rooms

International news
People seem to be stealing more from hotels these days, and it’s not just soap, towels, bathrobes, pens or logo ashtrays.

They’re walking out with TVs and coffee machines. Some guests are taking out entire bathroom fixtures, like stuffed hunting trophies.

A study of more than 1,300 hoteliers around the world reveals that in four star hotels, the theft item that is growing most in popularity is the minibar.

And in five star hotels — and this one is simply hard to comprehend — expensive mattresses are being stolen. It’s one thing to walk out of a hotel with a towel stuffed in your bag. But a mattress?

The thieves aren’t walking out. They’re heading down hotels with underground parking, and are using elevators in the middle of the night, lugging the mattresses directly to their cars.