Florida GOP leader trashed hotel room during weeklong bender while worried family reported him missing

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A Florida GOP leader and father allegedly destroyed his hotel room during an alcohol-induced bender as his concerned family, who had not heard from him for days, reported him missing.

George Riley Jr., executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, was reported missing on April 2 to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office after loved ones were unable to reach him for four days.

Investigators later learned that Riley, 43, was kicked out of the Hampton Inn in Kissimmee on April 3 after he trashed his room and cleared out the hotel store’s alcohol, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The party exec — who was found by sheriff deputies two days later — allegedly “urinated and vomited throughout” the hotel room and broke the electrical blinds, according to an Osceola County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by the local publication.

Riley had told his family that he was traveling to Kissimmee for work but then stopped communicating with them on March 29. His sister told the sheriff’s office that he had a medical condition and was taking medication — the specificities of both were redacted.

he local politician had checked into the Hampton Inn a day earlier on March 28 and extended his planned stay the following day. When he tried to extend his stay a second time on April 3, the hotel staff refused over his “extensive drinking and damage caused to the room,” the report said, according to the Times.

The Hampton Inn assistant general manager said Riley had bought so much alcohol from the hotel store that he had to order more to keep up with his frequent purchases, according to the sheriff’s report.

He was forced out and charged extra for a deep cleaning of the puke- and urine-tainted room as well as the broken blinds — which he did not argue with, employees said.