Famed Madonna Inn in SLO underpaid employees, failed to provide breaks, lawsuit claims

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Former employees of the Madonna Inn are suing the iconic San Luis Obispo hotel, alleging that it violated California labor law.

The lawsuit, filed on June 1 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, claims the Madonna Inn failed to properly pay at least three employees the entirety of their wages, provide breaks and maintain payroll records.

The former employees are demanding to be paid their owed wages, plus any civil penalties applicable under the law.

“We have no comment in regards to this lawsuit,” Madonna Inn marketing manager Amanda Rich told The Tribune in an email Monday morning.

Medhurst, Singer and Thompson all worked as hourly-paid servers for Madonna Inn.

The three claim that, although they worked more than eight hours in a day and more than 40 hours weekly, the Madonna Inn failed to pay them minimum and overtime wages.

The inn also did not provide their due wages in a timely manner after they were terminated, the employees claim in the lawsuit.