Dorchester Collection Launches the Lana in Dubai

International news
After a six-year construction period, the Dorchester Collection makes its debut in the Middle East with the Lana, Dubai.

French design agency Gilles & Boissier spearheaded the design of the hotel’s lobby, restaurants, guestrooms, and spa.

Breaking from the style of Dorchester’s European locations, the firm’s concept draws from the desert landscape of Dubai and the rich tapestry of cultural influence in the UAE, blending sleek minimalism with stylistic flair.

“We want guests who step into the Lana to be moved by their environment and for the design to speak to the unique position of a city surrounded by a desert and the rich fusion of influences that are apparent,” says Dorothée Boissier, cofounder of Gilles & Boissier. “At the heart of the Lana will be the guests, who travel from around the world, and the impeccable service from the Dorchester that will bring color and life to the spaces that we have created.”