City Council approves additional funding towards Hotel Topeka

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Since the city purchased Hotel Topeka in October, discussion of its future has continued to be a hot topic. Before the City Council meeting, the Topeka Development Corporation met to approve an additional $500 thousand in funding for operational costs of Hotel Topeka. This was then passed to the City Council where a 7-3 vote approved it.

That’s on top of the $7.6 million the city used to buy the hotel.

The city initially acquired the hotel to save it from foreclosure and stabilize it, but the intention was never to manage it permanently. However, members of the city council feel that they must restore the hotel before it can be sold to the right buyer.

District 4 representative Brett Kell was not in favor of the original acquisition, but now that it is in their possession he feels it is their responsibility to bring it back to life.

“It is our property now and I believe we need to upkeep our properties the best we can,” Kell said. “This is mainly just operating funds, but we are definitely looking into any possible way to enhance it for a potential purchaser. We need to take care of this property so we can turn it over to someone willing to own it and take care of it as best as possible.”