British tourist flees hotel after false theft complaint

International news
A British tourist, who allegedly made a false complaint about cash and belongings being stolen, is said to have fled from the hotel upon realizing that the police suspected the authenticity of the complaint.

The tourist, staying at a hotel in Rittandeniya, Alawathugoda reported to the Alawathugoda police that Rs. 477,884 in cash, two wrist watches and two cameras were stolen while he was dining on Wednesday night (27).

He claimed that the thief had broken the door lock to gain entry.

Upon investigation, the police discovered that the door lock was actually broken from the inside using a bottle opener. When the tourist insisted on filing a police report to claim insurance before a thorough investigation, police became suspicious of the complaint's credibility and pointed out the door lock's tampering.

However, the tourist fled from the hotel while investigations were ongoing.

The Alawathugoda police is continuing with the investigations.