Why It Matters

Adding a brand with a core German following helps Hyatt, which has weak contacts there. Hyatt will now be able to bring Me and All Hotels guests into its loyalty program. It will also give Hyatt customers more places to stay in Germany, offering new locations to its 46 million loyalty program members, said Felicity Black-Roberts, SVP development EAME.
Hyatt also hopes the move will enhance the cross-selling of its all-inclusive resorts in Greece, Spain, and Bulgaria. The idea is that while guests stay at Me and All Hotels and through post-trip emails, Hyatt would have the opportunity to pitch their all-inclusive properties to them as a great spot for their next vacations.

Germany is the number-one feeder market for the Balearic Islands and the number-two feeder market for the Canary Islands, where Hyatt has built up an all-inclusive resort presence since its 2021 acquisition of the all-inclusive resort company Apple Leisure Group in a $2.7 billion deal.

The Backstory

In 2022, Hyatt entered an exclusive strategic marketing deal with Lindner Hotels, a family-run German business. It added about 30 hotels across seven European countries to the Hyatt brand portfolio and its World of Hyatt rewards. Me and All Hotels was a brand that was part of that deal.

Until now, Me and All Hotels was still owned by Lindner but was marketed under the JdV by Hyatt soft brand, a collection of independent hotels.

This deal makes Me and All Hotels a standalone entity in Hyatt’s lifestyle hotel portfolio, which has grown fivefold in room count since 2017.

The Me and All Hotels brand properties are all centrally located in cities and feature lobbies with furniture, food-and-beverage offerings, and eye-catching furniture.

By 2025, lifestyle hotels are expected to make up 23% of the hotel development pipeline worldwide, according to STR.

Over the past decade, lifestyle hotel average daily rates achieved a $33.60 premium over non-lifestyle hotel average daily rates, STR reported.

Between 2018 and 2023, the compound annual growth rate of revenue per available room at lifestyle hotels has exceeded that of all other branded hotels by approximately 50 basis points, STR said.

Sean O'Neill