Of the 165 surveyed establishments, hotels, and campsites that participated in the survey, 56 percent revealed that they plan to increase the average daily room rate (ADR) by up to five percent. Thirty-eight percent of them plan to raise prices by more than five percent, while only six percent do not plan to adjust prices compared to last year.

 Prices for food and drinks in hotels will be raised by more than five percent by 29 percent of the establishments, while the rest will see increases of less than five percent. For comparison, in their survey last year, two-thirds of the establishments reported price increases of up to 10 percent, and 26 percent planned to raise prices by more than 10 percent. Last season, we saw that some establishments increased prices by up to 40 or 50 percent, causing some to have empty rooms in the middle of August. It is certain that these establishments have decided to rein in prices this year and are among the few percent that will not adjust prices.

"Based on reservation status and announcements, we see that we have completely emerged from the COVID crisis and have returned to standard operations, and the announced price increases are in line with rising costs and inflation. It should be emphasized that each company makes its own decisions regarding price determination. Price management is a complex process that depends on many factors," explained HUT director Veljko Ostojić when presenting the survey results.