In-person networking events are an important part of any career journey, providing professionals with opportunities to connect with others in their industry and build valuable relationships. For the hospitality industry, EventCamp, organized by Tripleseat, brings together more than 200 event professionals to network and learn about best practices and trends.

Why is Networking with Your Event Peers Important?

Meeting hospitality peers outside your circle provides a space to bounce ideas, share best practices, and meet future colleagues – because when you are hiring, knowing more people in the field, and liking them, is a plus.

Benefits of networking include:

  • Learnings and takeaways

  • Inspiration and idea generation

  • Insight into gaps and opportunities

  • Incredible career guidance and support

  • Increased visibility to you and your venue

  • Increased visibility to other hospitality pros and venues

What Networking Opportunities Does EventCamp Provide?

EventCamp provides the chance to meet and connect with others from across the country and internationally face-to-face. Take some time to build rapport with others.

EventCamp also offers several networking-based activities to foster connections. Attendees can get to know industry peers at the welcome party, which will be held on the night of Tuesday, May 14 at Grace by Nia in Boston. The Havana-inspired restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere for event professionals to get to know each other.

In addition to the welcome party, we’ve built in several breaks for networking during the EventCamp schedule on Wednesday, May 15, to provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations or group discussions. The lunchtime break includes topic discussion tables led by several EventCamp speakers and Tripleseat employees.

Tripleseat University at EventCamp (TSU)— a half-day of expert insights and Tripleseat best practices — also gives event professionals some networking time in-between sessions on Tuesday, May 14. TSU starts with lunch and networking, with scheduled breaks throughout the day.

Don’t Wait to Register!

The connections you make at EventCamp, the welcome party, and networking sessions can lead to future collaborations and business opportunities and provide a valuable network of event professionals for advice and support. Register now by visiting the EventCamp website.