According to reports by Walla! Tourism, a hotel is planned to be built in Kiryat Motzkin, consisting of about 120 rooms on a 3.5-acre area near the city's zoo.

The construction rights for the hotel were awarded to the Shatit Group, following a tender by RMI (Israel Land Authority), in exchange for NIS 4.5 million. The company plans to invest an additional NIS 50 million in the project.

The plot sold in this tender is designated for hotels as part of the "Kiryat Motzkin Zoo Complex" plan, located east of the railway, west of Hahashmonaim Street, south of the Mishkenot Omanim neighborhood, and covering approximately 108 acres.

"The hotel to be built will have a unique concept tailored for families in the EuroDisney style," says Shalom Shitrit, owner of the Shatit Group. "The hotel will be adjacent to the zoo and Motzkin Theater, providing a different experience for families. We intend to collaborate with the theater to bring special shows tailored for children. We like to pioneer things, like the hotel we opened in Tirat HaCarmel, a wellness and spa hotel, which faced challenges initially but is now one of the successful hotels in the country. Additionally, we'll create added value in terms of revenue. Currently, there is no hotel in the area capable of hosting conferences and events, and we plan to establish all the facilities for businesses. The hotel will also include a pool and a dedicated spa, both for weekend parents and for businesspeople staying midweek."

According to Shitrit, the hotel's model will be designed in the "EuroDisney" style, with a Disney character in each room, and holograms matching the theme in the lobby and staircases, creating a kingdom for children and families.

Shitrit adds, "We continue the pioneering spirit of building the country, from north to south, as part of renewal and a vision for a better future. Especially in times of war, it is most important to create new things, joy, and hope for the future. Children are our future, and I intend to build a hotel that will be a paradise for them and call it 'Eden Park'."