At every level within the hospitality ranks you will come across fascinating people, who, invariably, will have the most unique stories to tell. While our industry has significantly rebounded from the hiring challenges brought upon us by the pandemic, we have a long-term need to champion careers that offer fulfillment, mobility and flexibility to inspire the next generation to choose hospitality as a career.

I grew up in the United Kingdom, where I had the distinction of witnessing genuine warmth and hospitality on an almost daily basis: My parents owned a pub in London. It was my first glimpse into what would be my life’s work.

Eventually, it led me to the London Hilton on Park Lane. Little did I know that what started as a chef position would turn into a 37-year journey with Hilton, from general manager at the Hilton Newark Airport in New Jersey to SVP for Latin America and the Caribbean and, to now, as president of the Americas. These roles gave me an opportunity to see the world and explore different facets of our industry.

Many young professionals today have that same eagerness and excitement to get started as I did so many years ago. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed sharing stories of my experiences while showing the next generation of professionals how to carve out their own path in the industry. That’s why I believe sharing stories of personal and professional growth through the examples of thousands of hoteliers is a must to bring more young people into our industry.

Whenever I do speak to young talent, I’m impressed by their insightful questions and enthusiasm. More than ever, entry-level professionals want to know that their value goes beyond routine tasks. Listening to the needs of the next generation, making ourselves accessible to team members and valuing their ideas speaks volumes and can show them ways in which hospitality meets their personal goals and ambitions.

There’s no singular way to solve the hiring gaps and recruitment pressures on our industry, but I’m proud to be part of an organization that’s recognized as the #1 World’s Best Workplace and #1 Best Companies to Work For because hospitality is truly unique. Hilton—and I’m sure like our peers—focus on creating an environment where team members can thrive, grow and have the flexibility to create their own unique journey.

Our industry offers rotational programs and the flexibility to live and work all over the world—a form of mobility unique to our hospitality industry. Hilton bolsters this by providing early career accelerator programs across the globe and full-time management training. Having more programs like these across our industry will offer younger generations the mobility they’re looking for in a career.

I still get so much enjoyment walking through our hotels and greeting team members and guests, alike. As much pride as I feel in seeing our team members succeed and thrive, I hope they feel that same sense of joy to be with us.

In hospitality, we are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves. It’s not just about joining a team, it’s about joining a community and representing it with pride.

And it’s why I continue to say: “I’m Danny and I’m with Hilton.”

Danny Hughes is president of the Americas for Hilton, where he is responsible for the lodging company’s interests in nearly 6,100 hotels, 20 brands and 32 countries and territories across North, Central and South America.