This steps marks an important expansion for the group. This new development was made official with the transfer of the CFA de la Gastronomie to the Vatel Group, signed by Chef Christian Têtedoie and Karine Sebban-Benzazon

The event was supported by representatives from the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, including Pierre Oliver, and the Metropole Grand Lyon, represented by Vice-President Jérémy Camus. Alain Sebban, the founding president of the Vatel Group, was also present.

Located at the Château de Lacroix-Laval, the CFA de la Gastronomie faced challenges since its opening two years ago.

The Vatel Group, led by Karine Sebban-Benzazon, saw potential in the site and decided to acquire the CFA de la Gastronomie, converting it into a new Vatel Academy campus. This transition was formalized on June 13, 2024, with the acquisition of the 4,800 square meter facility.

Starting in September 2024, the Vatel Academy will welcome around sixty new students, with plans to expand to classes of 120 to 150 students. The academy will offer training in cooking and baking, in addition to Vatel’s established programs in hotel management and tourism.

This expansion underscores Vatel's commitment to growing its educational reach and preparing the next generation of hospitality professionals.

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