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Unlocking Sustainable Tourism: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Hotel Operations
According to Staze, the carbon footprint for just one night’s hotel stay is 40kg CO2. It’s a stark reminder of the environmental cost that comes with our wanderlust. However, it’s not all gloom and doom in the hospitality scene.

Maldives resort launches $23,250 luxury remote working package
A desk with an ocean view, a "dedicated" personal assistant, non-stop refreshments and a complimentary laundry service.

Rented penguins and $300,000 dinners: The wildest holiday requests from the super rich
Holiday planning for the super rich: Ultra rich travelers can afford to go anywhere and do anything, but often rely on teams of highly skilled, adaptive and creative travel experts to make it happen. "We've got a fantastic network of fixers around the world, who know us and the types of experiences we like to provide," Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury adventure specialist Black Tomato, tells CNN Travel.

WestJet canceled flight after they say parents 'refused' mask for child, but parents say they never did
Canadian airline WestJet canceled a flight just before takeoff on Tuesday, saying a family refused to comply with "multiple requests" to make their child wear a face mask.

The tourists are leaving Italy. Now catastrophe looms
For all too brief a time, the Italian summer offered a glimmer of hope. After emerging from what was in early 2020, one of the world's harshest coronavirus lockdowns, Italy managed to dust itself down in time to welcome visitors.

Blake Anderson-Buntz: My Hotel Dream Abroad (part 2)
No matter how much finances you have, the property must have a fair market price and must be able to carry itself financially ones put into operations. There are lots of good opportunities out there and if you work right, you can make it happen.

Reiselivsmessen Oslo 2021
Norway’s largest travel and tourism fair will take place in Oslo, Norway January 2021.

The Norwegian accommodation statistics from the Norwegian Statistics Bureau, just came out.

Norwegian Airports Going Touchless for Domestic Service
COVID19 has us thoughtful about travelling, being in crowds and close contact. Norway is implementing touch-less technology to keep us flying and feeling safe.

Meet Scandinavia's 'King of Hotels,' a 57-year-old daredevil who spends his billions rappelling down the facades of his own hotels and has 200,000 Instagram followers
Working as a lead expert for Hotel Report, I have the privilege of following great industry professionals over time and learning from their failures and successes. Only access to information and learning can bring Us forward together. Today, I want to show you one of my Norwegian heroes, Petter Stordalen. He’s definitely a business insider. I hope you’ll like and follow our series of Hotel Personalities.

Blake Anderson-Buntz: My Hotel Dream Abroad
Having lived and worked in many countries is worth its weight in gold, nothing jolts the mind, as much as being in a place where you understand nothing of what’s going on around you.