Concerns have been raised by these allegations among the union members and the Santa Monica Truth Commission, which investigates and addresses incidents of injustice in the city. One of the hotel's shop stewards, German Martinez, reported being attacked by the hotel's security officers on August 5th, along with his coworkers. Martinez alleges that a guard threw him to the ground, causing him knee pain due to falling on the rocks. The reported violent incident is a severe cause for concern for the union, representing a breach of workers' rights to peaceful protest.

Hotels in Santa Monica have also reportedly hired migrant workers to replace striking hotel staff. The hotel workers' union, UNITE HERE Local 11, is concerned about this and has asked Santa Monica City Attorney Douglas T. Sloan to investigate and protect workers' rights. The union wants to hold the Fairmont Miramar hotel responsible for its actions and ensure its members receive justice. They want reported acts of violence and retaliation against striking workers to be investigated to prevent future incidents.